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      Recycle your old or broken mobile phone. Even if your old phone is as older than the hills, you can still do the environmentally friendly thing and recycle it. Just browse or search for your phone model and see which companies will recycle it for you.

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      Mobile Phone Recycling

      As you know, mobile phones aren't designed to last forever. No matter how technologically advanced your phone seems today, there will always be a newer model released by the manufacturers a short while later. Obviously it is going to be designed to have a plethora of features for you to go crazy at, and of course, confine your phone to a scrap heap. What you may not know is that the average lifespan and usefulness of a phone to you is around eighteen months, which is crazy considering the amount of money that it cost you. Did you know though, there is a way in which you can recoup some of this money? This is through mobile phone recycling.

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      As you are probably aware, a number of websites have been set up which allow you to recycle mobile phones. The great thing is, they often pay you for the phone, and depending on the age of your model, you should be able to get a considerable amount of money back on it. In fact, on an eighteen month old phone you could potentially get upwards of £100. They will even pay for the postage to them. Of course, the money you get back will also depend on the quality of the phone and different companies will offer different prices.

      So why do they do this? Well, it doesn't matter the age of the phone, mobile phone recycling means they will be able to take the precious metals and plastics which go into the creation of the phone away. These can then be recycled and put to other usages. This avoids mining these materials or manufacturing the plastics, and thus reduces costs for them (hence why they can pay you for the phone). In addition to this, it ensures that we will be able to get hold of these precious materials in the future, which are of course becoming increasingly difficult to mine from the ground (supplies are dwindling on an almost daily basis!)

      Even if you are not worried about the money, it is worth recycling mobile phones anyway. Phones, no matter their age, has a plethora of materials in it which can contaminate the landscape if they are placed into a landfill. For example, lead is present in almost all mobile phones. If this gets into the environment then it can cause severe ramifications. When you go through mobile phone modifications, these can be safely removed from the phone, and thus they have no chance of polluting the environment. So in short, you are going to be doing a good thing for the environment by doing this. Remember, every little helps!

      Why not do the great thing for the environment (and your wallet!) by searching for a great place to recycle mobile phones today? In fact, you don't need to search any further as you've found one of the best with mobiles2money! If anything, it will leave you with a significant amount of money for your next mobile phone!

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